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Sponsor the Tree


Sponsor the Broughton Village Hall Apple Tree  and make a difference

We are appealing for your help!

Broughton Village Hall Committee are planning significant
improvement work which is kick starting with new toilet facilities in 2016!

Please help fund this work so that we can put our plans into action! We are really excited about these new improvements.

How can you help?

We have just had a mural painted in the village hall;
a beautiful landscape containing an apple tree.

Thanks to sponsorship from people in and around the village, the tree has some leaves and apples, but it could do with some more!

Please help our tree grow:

• Sponsor an apple for £10

• Sponsor a leaf for £2

Each apple or leaf will be inscribed with the sponsor’s name.

All proceeds will be put towards Broughton Village Hall projects, which we all will benefit from.

Thank you.

Broughton Village Hall Committee

If you have a query, please email Shelagh West